On a Roll - OOPS
Release Date not 4/27/18
Extended to 6/8/18

OOPS - Here's the Back Story

The original batch of CDs were printed and ready for the April 27th release.
Unfortunately the songs on the CD were printed in an order that was a mystery.
Upon further research we learned that the first 4 songs on the album
contained spaces at the front of the title of each song.

The CD songs on the OOPS copies were actually printed in alphabetical order
(with spaces at the front pushing the first four songs up to the top)

#Bright Red Truck
#In Walked James
#On a Roll
Bring on the Thunder
Canker Sore
Forward March
Jelly and Coral
Like a Dinosaur
Little Charlie’s Monsters
Owl’s Game
Rumble, Tumble, Grumble
To Be Kind
Yellow Room

I decided to release 100 copies of the OOPS album to friends, family and fellow musicians.
If you have an OOPS copy:  Stick it in your CD player and play the album on shuffle.  
The songs are the same - just in a different order.
To get the full experience of the intended CD -
you can play them in the order seen in the pencils on the left

Luke Seston has Cerebral Palsy

His disability is difficult, normal and inspiring all at the same time.
What challenges do you have in your life?
How do you use them to your advantage?
How do you make other people smile?
Advanced Copies of the corrected CD are now available for my local fans here in the Concord, MA area
Thanks to the following stores for carrying my CD

Artisans Way in Concord Center             Joy Streeet in West Concord                      Fern's Country Store in Carlisle