Once in a Lifetime
Camp Pok-o-Macready
Original Musical July 22, 2017

Once in a Lifetime – A musical written and directed by Tim Seston

World Premier Performance at
Camp Pok-O-MacCready on July 22, 2017

Act 1: Campers have been coming to Poko for as long as they can remember.  It looks and feels the
same as always but there is something strange about camp this season.  A few of the campers take
notice but most just go about their day.  They are getting to know each other.  Some have
personalities that keep them isolated.  Others have stories that have gotten them in trouble.  Some
do things that make others pause.  Each seems to have a uniquely defined identity.  When the
exuberant and unpredictable Teddy leads the full cast on a hike through the arts and crafts room,
something he says (sings – it’s a musical) confuses the others and sets the stage for Act 2.

Act 2:  What is Teddy talking about?  It is not the 21st century.  Turns out the campers have all been
born in different years and yet they are all in this moment at the same time.   How has this happened
and why are they here?  Some don’t care.  It is camp and they are here to play.  A few try to figure it all
out.  Still others don’t seem to take much notice.   Actually all campers are pretty self-absorbed.  Ned
is the most precocious of them all and eventually the “counselors” have had enough.  These
“counselors” are actually aliens from another world who have selected these campers to set the
world right.  With just a little guidance the campers are changed and want to get back to where life is
normal again.  What will it take?  The group comes together with a project that is simplistic but
meaningful.  The show ends as they all promise to keep going.


Brad                      I Don’t Care                        Luke
Clyde                Always Cleaning                    Ben
Gavin                    Let’s Just Go                      David
Horace                    Side Kick                          Seigo
Janet                Just Out of Reach                  Nora
Kate                    Like to be Alone                   Kate
Larry                   Bigger Than Life                  Niall
Lisa                        Play It Safe                        Shea
Mary             Protective Older Sibling            Phoebe
Michael               Don’t Believe It                   George
Naomi                   Not my Fault                      Sage
Ned                      Need to Know                    Connor
Olive                  In My Own World                   Tamrin
Penny              Push the Envelope                Megan
Teddy              Random Thoughts                John
Zach                     New Camper                      Emmet


Alien #1                                                             Bailey
Alien #2                                                             Ben
Eric               Evil British Counselor              Joe
Ingrid              Scuba Diving Alien                 Claire

Program Cover Art                                          Ali

Act 1:
I Am Who I Am                                                 Lisa, Mary & Full Cast
Down to the Water                                          Janet & Kate
Scissors and a Crayon                                 Olive & Cast
Zig Zag Hiking Blues                                     Teddy, Horace, Gavin,
                                                                      Michael, Larry, Ned & Full Cast
Act 2:        
Give Me A Problem                                         Ned, Eric & Brad
Aliens Among Us                                           Olive, Janet, Kate, Lisa, Clyde & Emmet
A Little Sunshine                                            Full Cast

Pok - o - MacCready Drama Program:

Being up on stage affords us the opportunity to express ourselves differently than is possible in other
day to day activities.  As actors and actresses we are asked to explore situations that range from
mirroring our own culture to imagining worlds that are wonderful and fantastic.  Along the way we
develop skills like working with others, projection & enunciation, idea generation, working within a
framework, letting go of inhibition, developing an idea, conflict resolution, and much more.   

At Pok-o-MacCready campers take part in what the stage has to offer without sacrificing all the other
important activities that make up such a memorable summer.  In 2017, all our campers had
opportunities to perform for their peers during section activities, weekly Moonshiners, Saturday
morning club skits, big game activities and much more.  “Once in a Lifetime” was the culminating
experience for our 4 week campers enrolled in drama.  

"Once in a Lifetime" Director's Notes

On the stage, on the screen, or on television, performers are asked to play exaggerated roles.  They
do this to highlight character flaws that are present in every human being.  These bits of individuality
are what make us who we are.  In the extreme they can be disruptive, exclusive and annoying.  In
reality these “character flaws” help us understand each other and ourselves.  As individuals we are
aware of others and how they present themselves.  As we grow and develop we look for qualities in
others that we admire and try to mimic.  The qualities we dislike, we try to avoid.  Along the way, we
develop empathy for others and courage to continuously reinvent ourselves.  In our communities we
go through stages of development that ideally lead us to the betterment of our collective selves as
well as the benefit of others.  As with any form of art it is the random and unique moments during the
process that help shape the overall creation.  Developing the script as we go along has been a
favorite part of this experience for me.  I hope you like the end result.  

Songs to be released on the album, "Who I Am" in 2019
Produced by Tim Seston and Nivedh Singh