The Rock
Camp Pok-o-Macready
Original Musical July 28, 2018

The Rock – A musical written and directed by Tim Seston

World Premier of The Rock performed at
Camp Pok-O-MacCready on July 28, 2018


Year after year people return to The Rock for a variety of reasons.  Some are intrigued by the stories,
some feel empowered by the gathering, some believe The Rock has mystical powers that influence
each individual at the very core.  When two visitors lose their way they inadvertently stumble upon The
Rock, their lives are forever changed.   Can the community at The Rock withstand the challenges of
these two outsiders.  What is the influence of an individual over the whole?  What is the influence of
the whole over the individual?

Songs                                        Cast:

The Rock                                  Narrator / Full Cast
Lost Our Way                            Two Lost Hikers
Nothing To Do                          Long Time Visitor
Come Gather Round              Leaders / Full Cast
Problems To Solve                  Leader / Long Time Visitor / Narrator
Walking Slowly                         Full Cast
A New Beginning                     Full Cast

Pok-O-MacCready Drama Program:

Being up on stage affords us the opportunity to express ourselves differently than is possible in other
day to day activities.  As actors and actresses we are asked to explore situations that range from
mirroring our own culture to imagining worlds that are wonderful and fantastic.  Along the way we
develop skills like working with others, projection & enunciation, idea generation, working within a
framework, letting go of inhibition, developing an idea, conflict resolution, and much more.   

At Pok-O-MacCready campers take part in what the stage has to offer without sacrificing all the other
important activities that make up such a memorable summer.  All our campers have opportunities to
perform for their peers during section activities, weekly Moonshiners, Saturday morning club skits,
big game activities and much more.  In 2018 “The Rock” was the culminating experience for 4 week
campers enrolled in drama.

Songs to be released on the album, "Who I Am" in 2019
Produced by Tim Seston and Nivedh Singh