From Page To Play Available CDs

Who I Am - released May, 2019
On a Roll - released April, 2018
Here To Play - released September, 2014
Wake the Imagination - released February, 2013

Compilation Album

"Bring Someone Else Along" on Singing Through The Storm
In 2016 children's musician John Cullimore (Chibi Kodama) wanted to help
victims of Hurricane Matthew that swept through Haiti.  
I was one of 30 performers that submitted a song for this project.
Interested in other Kindie performers - this album is a great place to start

Original Musicals

"Once in a Lifetime" world premier production July 2017
"The Rock" world premier production July 2018
"One Way or the Other" world premier production July 2019

Other Projects

Discovery in Rhyme
Animal Adventures
Good To Be Four
Playing Together
Time To Choose

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Concord, MA 01742

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