The TIM project was initiated by Dr Rajeev Nagpal and Tim Seston in the fall of 2022. With his free zoom sessions, Tim shared music and also personal life stories to support children in basic English education. While Tim is no longer affiliated with the project, the work continues . . .

Music plays an important process in the mental health of migrant children. Music helps bring people together and partnering with I Light Global means that we have systems in place to honor all aspects of a child's well being.

Together In Music is designed to build relationships and make connections to the global community, providing safe spaces for migrant children to experience joy and improve their mental health.

TRaining volunteers to Build Community through Music

Karan Pardesi builds community by teaching music to migrant children in the remote Mt. Everest village of Himachal Pradesh. Through the TIM project, Karan and his students are able to connect with musicians in the United States through biweekly zoom meetings. Online they can share their music, practice their English, and feel part of a global community.

Tims band is Raising Money
to Benefit the Mental Health of Migrant Children

Raising money for any non-profit is an honorable and onerous task. TIM's Band makes it more enjoyable by sharing music and stories with potential donors here in the United States. By partnering with I Light Global we are able to host events locally that are models for the kind of communities that we are building globally:

Join us for a meal. Talk about the things you love to do. Share your stories.

Build connections with a diverse group of people that want to help all children thrive.

Meet the Band:

Tim Seston (vocals / guitar) has been playing music for families for the past 17 years at Milldam Nursery School - Concord, MA. He continues to hone his craft by working with educators, musicians, parents, administrators, and children to build community Together In Music. He lives on campus at Concord Academy with his wife and 3 sons

Luke Seston (piano) is an 8th grade student at Concord Middle School in Concord MA.

Anne Silverman (piano) has been Luke's piano teacher since he was 4. She is also the accompanist for the dance program at Concord Academy and loves to share all different styles of music.

Rob Brandon (percussion) is our newest band member. He recently moved back to his home state of Massachusetts and is working towards his master's degree in Music Education at Boston University.

Enjoy an evening of food and music with Tim, Anne, Luke, and New Band Member, Rob Brandon ,on Percussion

Let's raise funds for Project TIM and I Light Global

Masala Art is located at 990 Great Plain Ave in Needham, MA.

Join us for music, a meal, and a meaningful experience

I Light Global's Mission

I Light Global's mission is to "create an environment where underpriveleged children develop skills to allow them to realize their full potential from education, health, character development, and economic opportunity"

Rajeev Nagpal - founder of I Light Global is a medical doctor who has emigrated from India and now lives in the United States. He interviews people whenever he travels so that he can share the experiences of others with migrant children all over the world.

There Are Many Different Ways that you can help?

1. Introduce I LIght Global to someone you know living with or caring for migrant children.

2. Volunteer with Together in Music and bring songs, stories, and joy to the communities we serve.

3. Donate to I Light Global to help with the many programs that help migrant children thrive