A Better Way  by Tim Seston

G                                                  C
Why does Grandpa always lose in Candy Land
G                                                          D
Some might say, “That really isn’t fair.”
G                                                        C
But when the children win a game of Candy Land
G                             D                              G
Grandpa winks and rocks back in his chair

G                                            C
There is a time that we must follow
C                     Am                D        D7
And there’s a time for us to stray
D7                      Bm                     F                             C
And when we find that sort of balance (in our lives)
C                      D                 D7             G
Then we have found a better way.

Why did Sherlock have a friend in Watson
Sharing all he did and what he saw
Sometimes we need a little bit of spirit
And other times the letter of the law.                Chorus

Why do people stand their ground and argue
What’s the sense in proving right and wrong?
There’s magic in us coming all together
Like many voices singing out a song.                Chorus

So listen all you elephants and donkeys
It’s time to mute your trumpets and hee-haws
Cross the aisle, start working for our people
Find some common ground and pass some laws        Chorus
A Better Way
Playing Together
I opened up an email sent to me by a
colleague in the Children's Music
Network while I was sitting in my
Dad's living room listening to him
and Luke play Candy Land.  The
email was about a new initiative that
the People's Music Network was
beginning:  encouraging songwriters
to write about current social issues.  
The current month's contest was to
write a song about the financial crisis
in America.  Then Luke laughed deep
in his belly as he picked the Sugar
Plum Fairy card that moved him
toward the top of the game board.  
My dad's wife called out something
like "Grandpa this is the seventh time
in a row your opponent has won."  

I didn't enter the contest but I wrote
this song that afternoon.