At the Cafe
Good to Be Four

At the Cafe by Tim Seston

Tessa and Ian were at the café.
They had both finished brunch and now wanted to play.
Mom was still eating her last bites of food,
But the twins were now antsy and in such silly moods.

“Ian,” said Tessa.  “Let’s pretend I’m a cook.
She reached in mom’s bag and she pulled out a book.
I’ll find something yummy to mix and then bake
Like a blueberry pie or an upside down cake.”

“Tessa,” said Ian.  “That’s such a great plan.
What more do you need?  I’ll help if I can.”
“Let’s first crack some eggs, melt butter add flour.
Then stir it all up.  That should take half an hour.”

They started the mixing but a few seconds later
Ian stood up then said, “Now I’ll be the waiter.”
He strutted away to a table nearby
With a smirk on his face and a wink in his eye.

Tessa watched and she chuckled while her brother, the flirt,
Asked a middle-aged couple, “Would you care for desert?”
Then to the next table and soon the whole crowd
Of all café diners were laughing out loud.

Ian took some more orders.  Tessa cooked up a storm.
These three year old twins were both in great form.
Their mother just smiled at the whole silly thing
And sighed to herself at the joy her twins bring.

Tessa and Ian's mom is the owner of the cafe in town.  At their
birthday party I began the show with a Sophie and Ben story
using my puppets.  Then with the help of all the kids and adults at
the party we magically changed Sophie and Ben into Tessa and
Ian with the simple magic words:

Ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches"

A throw back to The Count and my
Sesame Street childhood days

Here are the other stories in which I use the Sophie and Ben