Canker Sore
On a Roll
Canker Sore by Tim Seston

Canker sore, canker sore.  
Get out of my mouth I don’t want you no more
Canker sore, canker sore.  
Time to pack up your bags
and let me show you the door.

Did you wake with a crick in your neck?  
Did your brother eat your Fruit Loop stash?
Did your father burn the edges of your waffle sandwich
and you had to throw it in the trash?

Did you have a bad day at school?  
Did you spill paint on your shoe?
Did you fight with your friend over something silly
and now you’re feeling blue?

The bus driver forgot your stop
and you got home very late.
You were rushing from the kitchen
on your way to the table
and you dropped your dinner plate.

A canker sore is a metaphor
for something going wrong in your life
When you’re feeling run down or maybe some stress
It’s like someone cut a hole in your gum with a knife

But the day is at an end
and you’re ready to start again
So you lie on your pillow and you count your sheep
until you reach 2,030,410.
Canker Sore

Some times you just have to name what is
bothering you.  Then you can deal with it
and show it the door.  

It was fun to think of the things that
bothered me as a kid or the things that
bother my own kids or the kids I teach.  

Feel free to make up your own versus.  
Go ahead share them
and pack up their bags.