Daria's Cats
Wake the Imagination

Daria's Cats by Tim Seston

Some cats do more than just bat at old strings
Some color pictures and also ride swings
And dress up like daughters of very rich kings
Nonsense, No way, Cats do none of those things.

Have you ever wondered what happens at home,
When you go on a trip and leave two cats to roam
Here’s a story I heard from a well trusted source
And I questioned all facts as a matter of course

There once was a girl with curly brown hair
Who sat with her cats on the bottom porch stair
“Let’s go,” said her mother.  “Now say your goodbye”
Daria smiled then let out a sigh


Have fun Bonnie, Missy while I am away
Remember to eat and don’t sleep the whole day
We’re going to Bella’s but we’ll be back soon
Tomorrow I think at a quarter past noon

Then Daria waved and got into her car
Off her folks drove but before they got far
Daria looked at the bottom porch stair
And just as expected both cats were not there


Bonnie and Missy had plans of their own
They went back inside and picked up the phone
They called their friends Colby and Carrington too
I’ve checked the phone records.  Yes, this part is true.

They called Caper and Basil and then Frick and Frack
Left a message with Marbles who called them right back
All the cats in the town came to Daria’s house
And ate a lasagna with lots of fresh mouse.


They frolicked all night and at ten the next day
The cats cleaned the house then went their own way
No evidence was left not even a shred
Except for a picture on Daria’s bed

Cats on the swing set out in the backyard
Dressed up like princesses, jesters and bards
With a note at the bottom that Marbles had signed
“I hope that you like this creation of mine.”