Do You Like To Be Scared?
Good to Be Four

Do you like to be scared.  Well I hope that you do
So gather real close cause I'm gonna say boo

What is orange and green and lives on your porch
Has a hole in the middle just right for a torch
It has jaggedy teeth and two big scary eyes
If you said a pumpkin, I'd say you are wise

What is black as the night with a scary green face
And she rides on her broomstick all over the place
Her cackle will boil the blood in your veins
If you said a witch then I'd say you have brains

What is white as your bones and flies through the air
On Halloween night it will give you a scare
You think somethings moving when there's no one in sight
If you said a ghost then I'd say you are right

What is like you and me when the sun's shining bright
But turns hairy and scary with a full moon in sight
His howling will stop all the beats of your heart
If you said a werewolf I'd say you are smart

Who sleeps upside down underneath your front deck
And has fangs that will pierce all the skin in your neck
He can turn to a bat and fly off through the sky
If you said it is Dracula, you’re a smart guy