I Am Who I Am by Tim Seston

Opening Song – I Am Who I Am – Lisa / Mary

Last week I was safe in my room
With my old stuffed bear perched next to my pillow
And I looked out the window and I saw the moon
Right there in the middle of the old weeping willow
You See


Familiar places and particular faces
That I’ve known all my life since the day that I was born
Friends come on over and we laugh all night
Then we wake at the sight of the very first light of the morn
We Sing

I am who I am who I am
I am who I am who I am
I am who I am who I am
Who I am

My name’s Naomi and I play baseball
My name is Larry.  I like to sing.
My name is Horace and I’m an only child
My name is Janet and I am very very shy
My name is Gavin and I like Ice Cream
My name is Clyde.  I am home schooled
My name is Penny.  I am an Actor
My name is Teddy.  I wish that I could fly.

I am who I am who I am
I am who I am who I am
I am who I am who I am
Who I am
I Am Who I Am
Once in a Lifetime

Lisa and Mary are already at camp and settled in to their cabins.  
The bus is arriving bringing some of the campers from the big city.

Campers are meeting for the first time and sharing a little bit about
themselves in this opening song for the show.

On the day of the performance there was great energy.  The bus
ride was pantomimed.  Emmet's character doesn't appear until the
second act - so he disguised himself as the bus driver and joined
in on the opening scene.  

The cast was a diverse group of coed campers ranging in age
from 8 -16.  The audience was of similar make-up.  The audience
erupted when veteran camper John sang his opening line:
"My name is Teddy.  I wish that I could fly"  
We knew right then it was going to be a great show.