Little Charlie at the Park
Wake the Imagination

Little Charlie at the Park by Tim Seston

Little Charlie’s at the park
Time to nap but it’s not dark
So Mom and Dad to his surprise
Brought him here to exercise

Off he runs, eyes open wide
Up he climbs and down the slide
His dismount earns a perfect ten
Up once more and down again

A yawn escapes, no time to lose
There is more at the park to choose
Across the sand just past the cars
He spots the metal monkey bars

On the platform Charlie stands
On tippy toes with outstretched hands
He is too small, he needs some help
So like a puppy, “Dad” he yelps

Halfway he goes with just one pause
Before his arms give up the cause
Dad smiles at Mom, five minutes and
Their son will be in la la land

He races off to find a swing
But you can tell he’s lost some zing
He pulls his ankles to his knees
And tries to pump above the trees

Then all at once his legs go still
His body sags, he’s lost his will
The swing rocks back and forth then stops
In the grass tired Charlie flops

It’s time to go, a job well done
Mom picks him up and hugs her son
At home he thanks his Mom and Dad
And dreams about the fun he had