One That Got Away
On a Roll

One That Got Away by Tim Seston

Oh the little fish go splish splash splish
As they hear the story unfold
A warning with this water myth
Helps the little fishies grow old.

Sal swam near the surface of Tuckerman Lake
Her fins flipped so fast they created a wake
She darted beneath the old wooden dock
To her home in the crevice of Signature Rock

Though now she was safe, she was scared half to death
It took her some time to catch hold of her breath
Then she sighed with relief and retold the whole tale
Of how she’d escaped from the bright shiny pail.


Yesterday morning while swimming about
With Betsy the Bass and Timmy the Trout
We saw something silver come down from above
We crowded around it and started to shove

“I saw it first,” little Timmy explained
“Move out of my way,” then he loudly complained.
“You poor silly trout,” came Betsy’s reply
“If you can get by me then give it a try.”  

And as Timmy tried to give Betsy the slip
I scooted on past with a flip of my hip
I said, “Sorry mates,” and I swallowed that thing
I just didn’t know that it came with a string.

The next thing I know I’m up in the air
Shouting, “How can this be.  It just isn’t fair.”
Both Betsy and Timmy then witness me cuss
And I hear them say, “Wow, glad it’s not us.”


Then all of a sudden I’m caught in a net
By a 3 year old boy who thinks I’m his pet
His mom snips the string as the boy holds me tight
You better believe I was shaking with fright

On the shore there it was, that bright shiny pale
The boy dunked me in and I started to flail
This startled the boy and he pulled back his hand
Knocking that bright shiny pail in the sand

Out came the water and then of course me
One moment I’m caught and the next I am free
What did I do?  Well you make no mistake
I wasted no time getting back to the lake

Like a torpedo I swam all the way here
You can swim very fast when you’re trembling in fear.
So family and friends here’s the lesson to learn
Never eat silver things or you may not return.