Rumble, Tumble, Grumble
On a Roll
Rumble, Tumble, Grumble by Tim Seston

I live in a cabin on the edge of the wood
And most of the time my simple life is quite good
Now once in a while I find myself in a jam
But it doesn’t bother me because I am who I am

Rumble, Tumble, Grumble, Stumble
Crumble, Fumble, Jumble, Mumble
Good thing my parents taught me
How to be Humble.

I woke up this morning with an empty belly
So I went to the kitchen opened up the fridge
But the fridge was empty so I put on my boots
Had to go across the river on a rickety bridge


Well the trip into town isn’t easy I say
I’ve got to walk two miles on a dirt road each way
But I never get bored because no trip is the same
And solving each problem is like playing a game


When I get to the store it’s like a good old friend
Because it all seems to work for the best in the end
Then I sit on the stoop, eat a bite, give a sigh
While I watch the people hurry,
                     grouchy as they pass by

lyrics.  CMN member Pat Sorn arrived
early and we were playing with my sons
trucks on the living room rug Owen
suggested we suggested we ""write
Rumble, Tumble, Grumble."  Pat, Luke
and Owen were on percussion and I took
out my guitar and muddled my way
through a few lyrics that turned out to be
the second verse of this song.  I wrote
the chorus and the rest of the story the
following morning and recorded the song
on my iPhone.  Owen played the
saxoflute next to me and there was a bit
of recorder courtesy of Luke from
across the room.  

Send me an email if you would like to
listen to the original recording.