Sam's Dragon
Wake the Imagination
Tim's stories at the Cape Cod
Children's Museum.

Writing this story was fun because Tim
was able to incorporate Sam's innocent,
creative and electric personality.  At the
time, Tim only had one dragon story and
his collection.         
Sam loaded his wagon with rocks, leaves and sticks
"Come witness," he boasted, "The best of my tricks."
He rolled it out back, down the path, to the pond.
Sam stood on the shore and he pulled out his wand

"This special occasion:  the day of my birth,
I call to the water.  I call to the earth.
Show all who are present but let them beware.
I call to the fire.  I call to the air."

With Sam's incantation of these special words,
From every direction came hundreds of birds.
They flew in formation as fast as they could,
In small figure eights right above where Sam stood.

The sun spit out fire.  The wind picked up speed.
Water then sprouted like a plant from its seed.
Together they settled inside of the loop,
Between all the birds who continued to swoop.

There in the space that the birds had created.
Fire and water and air all three waited.
Sam looked at his friends and he started to grin
The wheels of his wagon then started to spin.

With a flick of Sam's wrist and wave of his wand
The wagon took off and it zoomed cross the pond.
When it reached the far shore it stopped on a dime
And stood at attention for just the right time

Sam spoke to his friends, "Now repeat after me:"
Boom Boom Bada Biddy, Boom Boom Bada Be.
Everything happened in the blink of an eye
The wagon was rocketing up through the sky

It crashed through the birds, through the fire and air
A geyser of water then sprayed everywhere
His friends stood amazed as they watched from the lawn
The rocks and the leaves and the sticks were all gone.

And to their surprise, so too was Sam's wagon
Where once it had been was a two-headed dragon
Sam spoke to his friends, "Time for one last good-bye"
Then he mounted the beast and flew off cross the sky.