Scissors and a Crayon by Tim Seston

The full cast is in the Arts and Crafts room making the project
of the day.  Each table sings a different part that creates a
background chorus for Olive's more introspective solo.  

Table 1:  Scissors and a Crayon x,x,x  . . .
Table 2:  x,x A stapler, a hole punch and glue  . . .
Table 3:  Duck tape – I’ve got some Duck tape – I’ve got some .
. .

Olive is sitting at a table with others but is in her own world


If I had a ruler and a pencil
I could draw precisely what I please
Sitting at my table, I have all the time I want
Everything is just right.  I’m at ease.

There is nothing better than a paintbrush
Colors dripping slowly from the sky
Raining in my room, all the flowers are in bloom
Tears start welling up inside my eye.
Scissors and a Crayon
Once in a Lifetime