Shake an Egg
Good to Be Four
Shake an Egg by Tim Seston

I think I’ll make, make, make up a song, song, song
So we can shake, shake, shake, the whole day long, long, long.
So shake your leg, leg, leg and shake your hand, hand, hand
Then shake your egg, egg, egg and join my band, band, band

Now shake it here, here, here and shake it there, there, there
Now shake it near, near, near now everywhere, where, where
Now right on cue, cue, cue if you will please, please, please
Here’s what you’ll do, do, do when I say FREEZE

Now shake it high, high, high and shake it low, low, low
Now you can try, try, try to shake it slow, slow, slow
And then at last, last, last with all your friends, friends, friends
You’ll shake it fast, faster, fastest and then we’ll end, end, end.