Snowflake Wizards
Good to Be Four
My Mother-In-Law is the best I have ever seen at
making paper snowflakes.  She has been folding,
cutting and ironing her creations for decades.  Some
time in November each year we take out the best ones
we have saved and decorate our windows for the
winter season.  Betsy then adds to our collection as
she does with countless friends and family.  It is such
a fun activity to do with children that my wife and I ow
share Betsy's techniques with our own students, our
boys and their classmates.
Had the children each go make
Cut out paper white snowflakes
But after ninety seconds
My son and daughter beckoned
It seems that both my wizards
Had made a little blizzard

Little pieces everywhere
Couldn’t see from here to there
Paper flying all around
Mounds of scraps piled on the ground
Please I said to Sam and Tess
Time to clean this awful mess

Tess and Sam both stared at me
Mom, they said.  Look, can’t you see
In the window there they were
Perfect snowflakes sure as sure
Edges cut clear as a bell
Patterns made so very well

There I stood in disbelief
Muttered to myself, “Good grief
Tell me I don’t understand
How’d you make this wonderland?”
Not a word from them and so
To this day I do not know.