Sophie and Ben's Dragon
Wake the Imagination

It is such a great feeling to watch children working together in their
imaginative play.  In my early days of writing I thought it would be a lot
of fun to make up stories where my main characters were twins - one
boy and one girl.  So, I contacted Ben and Sophie's mom and asked
her a few questions about what the real Ben and Sophie enjoyed

A different friend, Karen J, was a regular at my drop-in musical play
group.  One day she surprised me with handmade Sophie and Ben
puppets.  They are a wonderful addition to use in my performances
because they help shy or nervous children feel comfortable and they
help overly energetic children settle down.

I've had such success with these two characters that I use the
puppets for each of the following stories:

Sophie and Ben's Dragon by Tim Seston

Sophie and Ben were at play in the park
When off in the woods they heard something bark
This noise from the woods surprised both the twins
And so it is here that our story begins

“Ben,” Sophie said, “Do you hear what I hear
That isn’t a dog but a dragon I fear
We have to move fast and build our defense”
“Yes,” Ben responded, “I think that makes sense”

So they gathered some branches into a heap
At the foot of a hill that was pretty steep
Then the twins made a wall eleven feet wide
A perfect location for them both to hide

Sophie and Ben sat down ever so still
Behind their big wall at the foot of the hill
They waited and waited until Ben exclaimed
“Wait just a minute, don’t dragons breathe flame?”

Sophie stood up and thought for a while
Then turned to her brother and said with a smile,
“The wall that we made will hold up real good
The branches we used are petrified wood”

“Well OK” said Ben, “I think that you’re right
But just to be safe, I think that I might
Go up to the top and keep watch from there
“All right” said Sophie, “I think that sounds fair”

Ben climbed up the hill and shouted below
“I think that we’re ready to take on this foe”
But Sophie looked up and said with a sigh,
“Don’t you remember that dragon’s can fly?”

Ben thought and then he did something absurd
He raised up his hands and shouted these words:
Boom Alla Kazam our fate is now sealed
And so is this hill by a magical shield

“Quite clever,” said Sophie. “Thanks very much
That shield that you conjured is just the right touch”
So come out you dragon we’re ready for you . . .

“Hey Sophie” “Yes Ben” “What next should we do?"