Sophie and Ben's Pirate Ship
Wake the Imagination

Children never let a little rain bother the creative process.  It is just
another element to incorporate into their play.

I usually tell this story without music but every once in a while I
share it as a song with this chorus:

You say, that it's raining today
But we can go out and play
So what, if there's not any sun
We still can go and have fun

My friend Karen made the Sophie and Ben puppets.
They are lots of fun to use in my shows.  
In January of 2011, I did a
video a day project.  Some turned out well enough that I posted
them on Facebook.  Check it out by following the link above.  
are some other stories where I use the puppets.

Sophie and Ben's Pirate Ship by Tim Seston

While some children play inside when it pours,
Sophie and Ben like to play out of doors.
So there the twins were pretending again,
Two swashbuckling pirates were Sophie and Ben.

Sophie jumped up on top of the wall.
“Ahoy brother Ben, it’s only a squall.
I think it will pass, we just have to wait.
You be the captain and I’ll be first mate.”

Sophie pretended that she’d lost a leg,
But had it replaced by a large wooden peg.
Ben wore a black patch to cover his eye,
That’s what pirates do, he didn’t know why.

The first passerby was out on a run.
“Come Sophie,” said Ben “Let’s go have some fun
You take the left side, I’ll seize the right flank.
Then we’ll have someone to make walk the plank.”

“Aargh,” Sophie said “That ship was too fast.
Before we were ready it sailed right on past.
But here comes another.  Let’s cause a shipwreck.
We also need captives to help swab the deck.”

But then a big wind, with lots of force
Created huge waves and blew them off course.
“We’re taking in water.  Ben, lower the sail.
Then toss me a bucket and I’ll start to bail.”

“It’s hopeless,” cried Ben.  Abandon the ship.
We can’t save this boat.  We’re not well equipped.”
“Quickly,” said Sophie.  “Get on to this raft.”
They jumped off the wall and both the twins laughed.

Sophie and Ben were soaked through and through
Their jackets, their pants, their socks and their shoes.
“Come Sophie,” said Ben.  Let’s go and get dry.”
“A splendid idea, yes captain, aye aye.”