Sydney's Cats
Wake the Imagination

Sydney's father Steve and I played on the same soccer team when I
was first starting out as a storyteller.  When I told him that I enjoyed
writing my own material, he challenged me to write one for his two
daughters.  It's fun to have a specific family in mind when I'm in the
middle of the writing process.

Weekends in the 21st century are filled with activities.  In my own
household we try to make sure that we still have time to rest, relax
and enjoy the slower pace at home.  We are not always successful
but we still manage to have balance in our lives.

Sydney's Cats by Tim Seston

Sydney sat in her chair, a list on her lap
Nearby on the floor was the local town map
All her options were good, she’d nothing to lose
Five hobbies to pick from, but which should she choose.

Her sister Samantha invited her to
Pick something for Sunday she wanted to do.
Samantha had written the list she would need
With pictures to look at so Sydney could read.

Sydney called to both cats who always were near.
Please Carrington, Colby – Come on over here.
I need you to listen, if you’ll be so kind
While I talk through this list and make up my mind

Meow, meow, meow, meow.
These were two special cats, I'm telling you now.

We both could go skiing, but then Sydney thought
On Sunday it’s crowded, in lines we’ll be caught
Ballet would be awesome, but there is bad news
I no longer fit in, those little pink shoes.

Gymnastics she said, on the bars we’ll do flips
But my hands still have sores from really tight grips
Maybe swimming, but then, I’m not really keen
On playing in water with too much chlorine.

Sydney paused for her cats to give her the word
Just then Colby meowed and Carrington purred
They got up on their feet and walked to the wall
And both the cats stood near her new soccer ball

Meow, meow, meow, meow.
These were two special cats, I'm telling you now.

Sydney thanked both her cats for lending a hand
And then told Samantha, just what she had planned
She ran to the kitchen to find Mom and Dad
And tell them the plan that the kitty cats had

I was up in my room and trying to pick
When all of a sudden the cats got up quick
They knew what I wanted, it was really cool
I think you should send them to graduate school.

She laughed with her parents and then she just said
I’m tired of laughing.  I’m going to bed.
So she cuddled with Colby and Carrington too
And dreamed of her Sunday and what she would do.

Meow, meow, meow, meow.
These were two special cats, I'm telling you now.