Forward March
On a Roll

Forward March by Tim Seston

Forward March - Keep momentum here right by your side
And March - Despite the obstacles it's no time to hide
Yes March - We are stronger with kindness and love
Climb the mountain - the view is better above

I ask the children, "tell me what do you do
when there's a problem that is bothering you?"
"Come together with people who care.
Find solutions where there's love in the air."


Sit down relax - wipe the tears from your eyes
Sit down and think - separate truth from lies
Sit down reflect - time to sharpen your mind
And then stand up and march with those who are kind


Your in the woods it's the heart of the day
Something difficult gets in your way
You think of quitting - but if not now when?
So you get to your feet and start marching again


and standing up for one's own beliefs.  Children march for different
reasons but the nature of the march conveys the same emotions: pride,
defiance, confidence.  Sometimes songs help listeners think about and
deal with a difficult situation.  I hope this marching song empowers
each listener to keep moving.   

The image of the mountain speaks to challenges we all face.  The
process of climbing a new mountain is difficult and can be
discouraging along the way.  Hope for a better future is the inner
strength both individuals and whole communities count on to keep us
moving forward.  

Whatever your challenges -

Forward March - Climb your mountain.  The view is better above.