"With pleasant, sunny appeal, and a gentle pop vibe, singer-songwriter Tim Seston celebrates music and
rhythm, encourages physical play and prompts young listeners to exercise their imaginations within a
musical framework of family and friendship."  - Lynne Heffley   ©2015 Parents' Choice  
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"Here To Play" is Tim's first children's music album.  
Thanks to his fabulous studio band at Wellspring Studios, there's more than great lyrics and fun melodies to
enjoy in these 16 songs. Grab your blocks, your ukelele, your swing, your friends and get ready to play.
Learn more about the stories behind the songs at "
Here To Play".
With a youthful, warm and energetic style
Tim addresses some of the more challenging concepts and fears
that children (and their families) often face.  
Luke and Tim are "On a Roll".  
Learn more about the stories behind the songs at "
On a Roll"
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National Parenting Product Awards:  “Seston succeeds in doing something slyly ambitious . . . Tackling
fears, in fact, is an underlying mission of this album, and Seston should be commended for offering children
some insights on how to deal with these common anxieties in his set of friendly, warm-hearted songs.”

Tillywig Toy & Media Award:  "Tim Seston is a skilled and imaginative musical storyteller whose songs amuse
and uplift even as they provide genuine insight into how to remain happy while in the midst of common
childhood challenges. . . . The album's unusually pleasing mix of acoustic instrumentation delivers one sonic
delight after another, bluegrass- and Americana-tinged tunes that get kids up on their feet, joyfully singing
along while moving and grooving to the irresistible rhythms!"

Creative Child 2018 CD of the Year:  "Tim Seston is a musical cheerleader - telling stories through song in a
warm, engaging style. His third CD showcases his award-winning talents as he tackles childhood challenges
while celebrating creativity and imagination."  

"On a Roll brings those fears and frustrations to the forefront in a folksy, genial manner. A tambourine may
not be a guitar, but it’s good enough to allow Luke Seston to be part of his father’s world of music. And On a
Roll provides an introduction for the rest of us."  -
Geek Dad Music Reviews by Jeffrey Cohen

Tim and Luke were On a Roll throughout 2018.  
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