Here To Play
Coming Summer 2014
Play is the central theme of Tim's first musical CD as well as
the core mission of all of his entertainment. He is excited about
this album which he has begun recording in February, 2014.  In
addition he will begin a new journey intertwining his personal
life with that of  his career as a writer and performer of
children's stories and songs.  Tim will use the album in live
performances to help tell the story of his son Luke and how
much playing ball, playing music, playing games and playing
with friends and family has enriched all of our lives.  

Luke is a healthy, social
pre-schooler who will be
going to kindergarten
with his twin brother and
all his friends at the local
public school in the fall of
2014.   He plays baseball
with the Miracle League
and loves to watch his
brothers play as well.
Music has been an important part of Luke's
development.  While he is singing he is working
on breath support.  He improves his fine motor
control while playing the piano or the ukelele.  He
works on trunk control while sitting independently
on the piano bench with his legs secure
underneath and his hands on the keys.
Luke loves writing songs and sharing his ideas.