Play in my Band
Here To Play
school and at concerts I have a great time mimicking
all the instrument with both my hands and my voice.  It
Children (and their parents) are all willing to clap their
hands when given the direction during the song.  
Many are willing to tap their heads or feet.  About half
slap their knees and it is fun watching kids as young
as two years old try to snap their fingers.  Lots of 4, 5
and 6  year olds have come up to me after hearing the
song to tell me that they have learned how to snap.

Can you play the air piano?
It is just as fun as playing the air guitar.

Playing percussion is great to do with your hands, or
lot of other household instruments.

Can you make your voice sound like a trumpet?
It also doubles as a great elephant sound.

The double bass has such a distinct sound that you
can try out with your low voice.

Would you like to play in my band today?
Would you like to play in my band?
While I sing my song and I strum my guitar,
Will everybody . . . (add instrument)
                          . . . clap their hands.

Everybody go clap, clap, clap
Everybody go tap, tap, tap
Everybody go slap, slap, slap
Everybody go snap, snap, snap

repeat song adding instruments to the band

2nd time:  (play the piano)

3rd time:  (play percussion)

4th time:  (play the trumpet)

5th time:  (play the double bass)

6th time:  (play any instrument)

etc. etc. etc.