On a Roll
Coming Fall of 2016
On a Roll - Album Notes

My first two albums were full of imagination and designed to
bring out playfulness in everyone.  "On a Roll" carries the
same message but with a different slant.  In this album I
have chosen ideas with which children and families wrestle
and might fear.  Ultimately, we learn to embrace these ideas
and overcome our discomfort.  Kindness, community, music,
laughter and a bit of fun are just some of the tools we use.

Bring on the Thunder           -         loud noises
Yellow Room                         -        active boys
Like a Dinosaur                    -         the scary unknown
Jelly and Coral                      -        going off on your own
In Walked James                  -         the center of the universe
Owl's Game                          -         playing fair with friends
DNA                                      -         inside your body
Emergency                           -         the unexpected
Rumble, Tumble, Grumble    -         having less than others
Water Myth                           -         temptation
Green Monster                     -         childhood fears
Canker Sore                         -         having a bad day
To Be Kind                            -         being the new person
On A Roll                              -         life with a disability

Stories and songs are a wonderful vehicle to access a topic
that is important to your son or daughter, student or friend,
or any child in your life.  To learn more about other song
resources find my friends at
The Children's Music Network.
Luke Seston has Cerebral Palsy

His disability is difficult, normal and inspiring all at the same time.
What challenges do you have in your life?
How do you use them to your advantage?
How do you make other people smile?