Wake the Imagination
Released February 2013
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Tim is excited to offer you his first CD recording.  
Wake the Imagination has 16 original stories inspired by
and joy that Tim draws from his own childhood and his
experiences as both a teacher and father to three lively

"Chilly Little Charlie" tells the story of a boy who finds
himself too cold in bed.  With each successive visit by
his parents he gets warmer and warmer until at last he is
comfortable and silly enough to go to sleep.

"Peter's Fire Suit" is in the costume bin.  The story
simulates the fast paced changes of a first responder
from a little boy's point of view.  With the help of
Smokey his puppy, Peter breaks the record and is ready
to put out fires.

On his way up to bed Oliver finds a handful of common
household items.  He then uses his imagination to create
and build "Oliver's Elephant" in his very own room.

Tori is new in town.  She brings her ball to the
"Neighborhood Rock" only to find Emlen sitting on top
and reading her book.  Fortunately for both of them
there is lots of common ground and much to pretend as
they form a life long friendship.

When Sophie and Ben start pretending at the park there
is no stopping this set of twin's imaginations.  They gain
steam as they feed off each other's ideas and that bark
from the woods is now "Sophie and Ben's Dragon."

Do you want to know what "Daria's Cats" do when she
is away?  They don't just eat and sleep the day away.  
Instead they call all their friends and have a great party.  

"Ryan and Daniel's Foxtail" gets caught up in a tree.  
Neither shouting nor pouting seems to do much good
but teamwork and a little bit of fun are just what these
two boys need to get their toy unstuck.

Sam loads up his wagon, grabs his wand and heads to
the pond near his house.  There he assembles the four
elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air and amazes his
friends with the creation of "Sam's Dragon"

The rain is perfect for "Sophie and Ben's Pirate Ship."
The twins are at it again.  This time they battle the
elements and finally call it a day after plenty of laughter
and a bit of adventure.

Two siblings have been stuck indoors for five straight
days as the rains come pouring down.  But on that sixth
day the sun is shining and the river has absorbed it all.  
The children take off on "Henry and Ella's Canoe Ride"
to explore the wildlife in Concord, MA.

No Surprise, he is up and ready for the day.   But, his
parents need him to nap.  "Little Charlie at the Park"
slides, climbs and swings until finally he is ready to

Winter is in full swing but in New England no season is
sacred and spring could be right around the corner.  
Jack can't wait to try out his new scooter.  After a bit
of nighttime magic the following day is just perfect for
"Jack's Scooter Ride."

The girls are all over for "Violet's Slumber Party" when
out pops a little creature to liven up the party and put
forth a clever little test.

"Nicholas's Morning Routine" includes getting out of
bed by himself and getting his hands on any widget,
gadget or gizmo he can find.

"Duncan's Surprise" has to wait 7 more days until his
birthday next Friday.  Each day he wakes up and makes
his parents laugh with requests for cake, ice cream,
presents, etc.  But news of a new baby catches him
quite off guard.

What to do?  Skiing?  Ballet? Gymnastics? Swimming?  
"Sydney's Cats" weigh in on an idea for Sunday
afternoon.  Bonnie and Missy think a game of soccer
would be just right for Sydney and Samantha.