Peter's Fire Suit
Wake the Imagination
Peter's Fire Suit by Tim Seston

Ding-a-ling-a-ling get your fire suit
Put on your waterproof pants and your big black boots
Remember to find your fire coat and hat
Ding-a-ling-a-ling in twenty seconds flat

The alarm had sounded, Peter jumped to his feet
I’ve got to move fast, I have records to beat.
So he ran to his closet, grabbed hold of pants
Held them up by the waist then took his first chance

Like a bunny he hopped right into the hole
Two legs at a time on the way to his goal
Peter strapped on his boots without sitting down
And thought to himself, “I’m the fastest in town


Peter looked for his coat; it was out on the floor
Halfway from his closet on the way to the door
This was the moment where it all was at stake
If you’re gonna break records, there are chances you take

So he dove at his coat, put his arms in the sleeves
Somersaulted right through and bounced up to leave
Where Smokey his puppy, a Dalmatian breed
Had his hat in its mouth, just as they’d agreed


Peter was dressed in the perfect attire
To battle the smoke as he put out a fire
Had he gone fast enough, of course Peter reckoned
He shattered his record by a tenth of a second

He smiled at his puppy, then scratched Smokey’s head
Reset all his clothes and climbed back into bed
Peter stared at the ceiling and counted to ten.
Then whispered to Smokey, let’s do it again.


Peter was a student of mine at the Milldam Nursery School in
Concord, MA.  His mother hired me to write a story for his 3 year
old birthday party with a firetruck theme.  The party was a big
success and the class had such a great time that when Peter
turned 4 I had an encore performance with a new story that
included all of his classmates called Peter's Bright Red Truck.

Peter's Fire Suit has been one of my favorites to tell ever since.  It
is a fun story to act out as well as a fun story to sing.  But the most
fun is giving the kids the chance to race against the clock as they
pretend to put on their pants, boots, coat and hat before I finish
singing the chorus.
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