Henry and Ella's Canoe Ride
Wake the Imagination

Henry and Ella's Canoe Ride by Tim Seston

Five days of wet weather it just wouldn't stop
And the level of water did rise
But the Sudbury River caught every last drop
Of the rain as it fell from the skies

At dawn on day six, the earth was awake
The river was finally at peace
But the field near the bridge had turned to a lake
Complete with Canadian geese

So goes the cycle along the Sudbury
With banks changing day after day
But this is one reason that it is a very
Fun place for the children to play

So come away with me, take a ride and see
What’s ahead, well nobody knows
Come where you can be in a place that’s free
Let the water splash over your toes.

Henry and Ella had spent the last week
Doing puzzles and watching it pour
But at noon on this day with the sun at its peak
They smiled as they raced to the shore

Then Henry and Ella got into their boat
And paddled their way up the stream
A beautiful day to go out for a float
Then sit in the sun and daydream


Ella paddled in back with Henry in front
Searching intently for carp
Like kingfisher birds, they were out on a hunt
With eyes like razors so sharp

Their hunting involved not a rod, nor a spear
Nor even a small pocket knife
Their purpose was only for them to get near
To Concord’s wild animal life


As they paddled they searched for fish and for frogs
And turtles just swimming along
And the two busy beavers amongst all the logs
And the ducks that were singing a song

The siblings then came to where two rivers meet
And they docked nearby in the sand
There Henry and Ella both stretched out their feet
And lay in the sun on the land.


Tim lives on the campus of Concord Academy where he can see the
Sudbury River from his living room window.  It is amazing how much
this river changes depending on the amount of rain and snow that
falls throughout the year.