The History of Chilly Little Charlie:

When my wife, Sally, gave birth to our son, Charlie, a friend gave us the board
book:  Silly Sally by Audrey Wood.  As all parents do - we read it over and over
and over again.

In Charlie's first few months, there were just a few things to think about:  eating,
sleeping and changing diapers.  Charlie ate like a champ.  He pooped like a
champ. Though he slept pretty well, like all parents of new borns there were
those times where we were up in the middle of the night.

So with Silly Sally as my guide I began writing Chilly Little Charlie. I finished the
story and put it to music in the Fall of 2005.  I told it to some friends and they
liked it.  I searched for inexpensive boy dolls - there were none.  I bought some
girl dolls at Target and clipped their hair.  I searched for boy clothes to fit my
Chilly Little Charlies.  Stuffed bear clothes fit the best.

I wrote more stories and songs and on January 20th, 2006 I first performed
Chilly Little Charlie for an audience of friends and family at Trinity Episcopal
Church in Concord, MA.  Since then I have told Chilly Little Charlie hundreds of
times and still enjoy every telling.  I hope you like it too.  
Chilly Little Charlie
Wake the Imagination

Chilly Little Charlie by Tim Seston

Little Charlie was trying to sleep
in his diaper without a peep.
Through the window a North Wind blew.
From his mouth came a loud ah-choo.

Charlie shivered, then got sad,
Sat up and hollered, "Dad!"
"A shirt, a shirt, I need one please,
To protect my belly from the breeze."

He lay back down. Dad closed the door.
But the wind was fierce and blew once more.
Charlie stood; then "Mom," he cried.
It was clear he was not satisfied.

"Pants," he said and then he sneezed.
"With my bare legs I'll surely freeze."
Mom fetched a pair and put them on
And softly said, "See you at dawn."

In the hall his parents sigh
From the room came Charlie's cry.
Back in they went to tend his need
And listen to his every plead.

With sniffles coming from his nose
He pointed to his naked toes.
"I need some socks please," Charlie said,
"And promise then I'll go to bed."

But as they left to their alarm
He whispered, "Dad, how 'bout my arms?
If I could have a nice warm sweater,
I know that I would feel much better."

Fully dressed he was not chilly.
He was feeling warm and silly.
So then at last he said, "Hey mama,
Next time I think I'll wear pajamas."

And before his folks had time to think,
Snug in his clothes he gave a wink.
He held his bear to cuddle tight
Closed his eyes and said, "Good night."
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