Griffin's Zoo
Animal Adventure

Griffin's Zoo by Tim Seston

Griffin got out of bed before all the others
His parents were sleeping and so were his brothers
He knew it was early, but he wanted to play
So he turned on the light and he started his day

He dumped out his Legos in unequal piles
Built animal cages in five different styles
One high as the treetops, the next with a pond
The third had a cave and a field just beyond

The fourth he created had wide open spaces
The last that he built was the finest of places
And then Griffin waited, it was now 6:05
He knew that his animals soon would arrive.

At 6:17 his Mom came in first  
She stretched out her arms and expected the worst
Griffin looked up and gave a quick laugh
And said to his mother you play the giraffe

At 6:21 Christian peeked in the room
Wrapped in a sheet like King Tut in his tomb
He waddled quite slowly and came right on in
And so earned the part of the little penguin

At 6:24 in a mood that was fowl
Cooper came in and did nothing but growl
Griffin looked up and thought it was fair
That Cooper would play the part of the bear

At 6:27 Ben stomped down the hall
He let out a noise that would startle them all
OK Griffin said, that settles the matter
Only an elephant can make that much clatter

Then at 6:35 came one simple call
“Breakfast is ready”, Dad barked from the hall
Not yet Griffin smiled I need you here too.
A dog is just perfect to round out my zoo.

So there they all gathered by 6:38
The family together it was pretty great
Griffin took charge of all of the others
His Mom and his Dad and all of his brothers.