Mr. Paws, Mrs. Flames
Animal Adventure
Her yard had more snow than Lucy had seen
Almost to the base of her old trampoline
She stood at her door in her dress and her boots
Like a bobsledder waiting to head down the chutes

"This is so awesome" she shouted out loud.
"Thank you and thank you" she said to each cloud.
"I've waited for something like this every year
I just can't believe how much snow is out here."

Lucy picked up her shovel and started to dig,
But the drifts from the wind in her yard were too big.
"To make better progress I'm in need of a plan.
I'll be able to do this.  I know that I can."

So Lucy turned round and went inside to think
She made some hot chocolate with whipped cream to drink
With the cup in her hands she puckered her lips
Blew softly three times and then took a few sips

The chocolate was rich and the mixture was hot
The foamy whipped cream you could tell hit the spot
But before Lucy finished the drink in her cup.
She shouted, "I've got it" and jumped right back up.

She ran through the hallway and up every stair
Came down just as fast with her dragon and bear.
On the way out the door she passed by the sink
Grabbed the hot water kettle she had used for her drink.

"Now listen to me Mr. Paws, Mrs. Flames
There is work to be done before we play games.
Do you need a reminder of each of our roles?
I'll start us all off with a few little holes.

Then you, big old bear, your job's not too hard.
Just dig with your claws straight out through the yard.
And you dearest dragon wherever there's ice
Just breathe on it quickly once or twice will suffice."

Lucy picked up her shovel and joined in the fun
And in no time at all, the path was all done.
At the back of her yard they created a pile
That was almost as grand as Lucy's wide smile.

She climbed to the top with her dragon and bear
Took a big giant leap and then flew through the air.
Lucy landed and bounced on the old trampoline
On top of the snow - more than she'd ever seen.