Under the Wood
Animal Adventure
If you were to look under old rotten wood
That’s only an if not saying that you should
Then there you might find some small crawly creatures
That might scare a sibling or one of your teachers

Like larvae of insects all smothered in slime
Or soft bellied slugs all covered in grime
Or a centipede with all one hundred legs
Or a spider protecting its sack of white eggs

Yes all of these creatures live under the wood
Right in your backyard in your neighborhood
And some of the humans you know are afraid
So they carry around great big bottles of RAID

But not Mrs. Lewis who lives down the street
I’ve heard that it’s rumored she fries them to eat
And serves them on toast, a warm appetizer
With so much fresh garlic that no one’s the wiser

I know that it’s gross and I’m not sure it’s true
I’m just telling you what I have heard she might do
But I’m getting off track, let’s go back to the wood
Where you could find more, if you think that you should

Because then if you stripped off some of the bark
You might find some bugs where it’s wet and its dark
Like earwigs with pinchers crawling quickly away
From the light of the sun in the heart of the day

Or traces of termites that leave little holes
As they eat through the wood like burrowing moles
Or small salamanders with long slippery tails
As soon as you find them they flee without fail

Yes under the wood, you might find all of these
So go right ahead and do as you please
And if you are skillful with the perfect approach
You can catch a big hairy, disgusting cockroach