David and the Mosquito
Animal Adventure

Writing a song about insects for a library project was an interesting
task.  It was fun to tell a story with a different kind of protagonist.

David and the Mosquito by Tim Seston

After the hours for work and for play
We sat down to talk and recap the whole day
When all of a sudden, someone said, “Ouch”
David jumped to his feet and over the couch
To catch a mosquito flying quickly away

That poor little bugger, he said in a fit
I swear it’s the last time I’ll ever get bit
I’m going to find each and every last one
I won’t sleep well again ‘til the day I am done
And then he exclaimed, “I’m starting with it.”

David followed it close as it flew to the door
His hands at the ready to settle the score
But the screen had a hole the size of a pea
Just big enough for that bug to get free
Hidden from David until it wants more

Out in the yard in the dark of the night
In the shadows of trees away out of sight
The mosquito she breathed a sigh of relief
But alas the moment was only too brief
David appeared with a great big flashlight

“I’ll find you, you pesky mosquito,” he cried
You can fly all you want, there is no place to hide
As soon as I turn on this little red switch
You won’t be assured of what way is which
You’ll have to come flying here right to my side.

The mosquito she trembled his statement was true
Against the light’s power she knew nothing to do
So David he stared out into the night
Flipped the red switch ‘til it shown good and bright
And into the light the mosquito she flew

But the glow of the light brought many more things
From the bushes, the fences, the trees and the swings
All kinds of insects awake in the night
Entranced by the power of something so bright
And there was a low rumble made by hundreds of wings

David threw down the flashlight and started to run
This quest he had taken was no longer fun
The June bugs, the moths, the flies and the gnats
All buzzing around had just seen to that
And the battle with David, the mosquito had won