Mr. Redbird and Matilda
Animal Adventure
is stepping out on her own for some time in
the spotlight.  She will play herself, Matilda
You may have met Sophie and Ben in some
and Mr. Redbird.  But not to worry, Ben will
take a supporting role as himself and the
dog in this little tale.  

For this tale, Tim has perfected his tweet,
moo and rough as well as the young voices
of Sophie and Ben.  Kids love to imitate
sounds and some are very good at sounding
like a variety of animals.  Say hi and show
Tim what sounds you can make after his
next performance.
Thank you for coming to help me pretend

But first introductions, before we can play
Mr Redbird is here with Matilda today
No finer two creatures can ever be found
To scour the sky and graze on the ground

Mr Redbird lives somewhere way up in the tree
I know he’s protecting my brother and me
A few times a day Mr. Redbird flies by
He keeps a close watch from his home in the sky

Matilda the cow lives out on the lawn
She wakes up each day at the crack of the dawn  
Like a statue she stands so still at the gate
For the first sign of danger Matilda awaits

Last Tuesday while playing with my brother outside
A strange dog approached, we were so terrified
It was three times our size with a snout like a bear
We froze in our tracks for it gave us a scare.

But then Mr. Redbird flew down from the east
He made such a noise that he startled the beast
The beast barked at the bird but when it turned round
There was Matilda just standing her ground

Now this dog had no fear of small girls and boys
Or even red birds that make lots of noise
But a cow like Matilda was not part of its plan
The dog soon retreated as fast as one can

I could go on forever with praise for my friends
But I’ll save some for later, so this is the end.
On a stage all her own with a bird and a cow
Sophie, the actress, takes one final bow