Little Charlie at the Farm
Animal Adventure
By the sounds that nature made
He sat listening quite astounded
In the shadows of the shade

He was left there in his buggy
By his mom to take a nap
The air was still, hot and muggy
As he fiddled with his strap

Way up above a squirrel gnawed
On some acorns in the tree
Across the field donkeys hee-hawed
Too far off for him to see

Bullfrogs were croaking in rhythm
To the cows familiar moo
Without his parents there with him
Charlie knew not what to do

So he focused on the chorus
Of pigs oinking in their pen
And a slowly moving tortoise
As it passed him once again

Then he heard the Collie barking
At a cat chasing a mouse
And an old Ford pickup parking
In the driveway by the house

But on that farm there is a way
With a baa - baa from the sheep
And a periodic horse's neigh
That will lull children to sleep

And so did Charlie take his nap
To the sounds that nature made
All nestled snuggly by the strap
In his buggy in the shade