Final Big Day
Animal Adventure

Final Big Day

Moving day is hard for those leaving a special place But it is also hard
for the family and friends left behind.  The fun part of writing this story
was trying to tell it from a young child's perspective.  In raising my own
children I had once learned that using stuffed animals to simulate real
life occurrences helps the young person see the situation from a
different point of view.  The child then works through the feelings of the
stuffed animal and in doing so works through their own feelings too.  

Final Big Day by Tim Seston

In the weeks leading up to the final big day
While her cousins were packing to move far away,
Elena was planning a move of her own
To help her to cope with the future unknown.

She sat with some paper on the floor by her bed
And worked on the changes she had in her head.
And when she was ready she called from her room,
"I need a small box and a dustpan and broom."

"All right," said her mother.  "But what have you planned?
Do you want any help?  Can I give you a hand?"
"No," said Elena.  "It won't take very long.
But I'll give you a holler if something goes wrong."

Mom watched from the hall with a curious eye.
Elena opened her box and then let out a sigh.
She went to the corner and sat by herself
And started to pack a few things from her shelf.

She picked up her penguin and gave it a hug,
Then she looked in its eyes and gave a small shrug.
"I know that this move is not something you wish
But it's time that you say your goodbye to the fish.

Today's her big day and I know that it's hard.
It's OK to be sad and to let down your guard.
Life's full of changes, some tough and some good.
You have to be strong, like Mom tells me I should."

Then Elena stood up with a smile on her face
Took the penguin back off, put it back in its place.
She closed up the box with the fish on the top .
"All aboard everybody, San Diego non-stop."

She walked cross her room put the box on her bed
Cleaned up a small corner on the shelf by her head.
She dusted it off, moved a hairpiece and comb
And said to the fish.  "Hope you like your new home."