Opposite Penguins
Animal Adventure
Opposite Penguins by Tim Seston

I was caught in a storm on the side of a hill
When I met two penguins named Won’t and Will
Now each of these penguins had the opposite trait
“Hurry home” said Won’t.  Will told me to wait.

Won’t looked at the sky and expressed his fear,
“Go as far as you can.”  Will said, “Stay here.”
If you stick around we’ll have some fun tonight
Won’t said, “Your wrong” Will said, “I’m right.”

It was a tough decision but I took Will’s side
Hunkered down on the hill for a wild ride
Snow covered the ground with each enormous flake
Won’t went to sleep. Will was wide awake

“Get up” Will shouted “Let’s enjoy the snow”
Will climbed to the top and got ready to go
I said to Won’t “Come on let’s give it a try
I gave him a nod with a wink in my eye

At the top of the hill there was a little breeze
Will started to dance but Won’t told him to freeze
Then with a shift of the wind it really started to blow
Will told us to stop but Won’t told us to go

Won’t was now in the mood and in total control
He shouted, “Come here. This is how we roll.”
We slid to the bottom to a pile of slush
Won’t barked out a yell.  Will told him to hush

Won’t laughed with Will.  We continued to play
Til the sun had risen at the break of day
It was a barrel of fun on that stormy night
With the two little penguins who were black and white