Three Tokens For Lia
Animal Adventure
parents used a three token
endless routine of questions,
needs and desires.  In our house
parents used a three token
bathroom, brushing teeth,
washing hands, pajamas, books,
songs and bed.  Some days the
routine is nice and smooth.  Other
days it is the most exhausting
part of parenthood.  

I love writing stories that include
stuffed animals.  They can take
on a full host of personalities that
allow kids to be creative and
imaginative. I had a koala bear
growing up.  My wife had her
lamb.  My three kids have a bear,
a monkey and an elephant as
well as many others hanging
around their bedrooms.
On the floor by her bed near some clothes in a heap
Lay a lion, a duck, a raccoon and a sheep
They waited and waited like four little spies
Until finally Lia had closed both her eyes.

Then Lion jumped up to the top of her bed
And perched on her pillow right next to her head
Looked out at his kingdom across Lia’s floor
Stretched his legs, puffed his chest and then quietly roared

“I have called you this evening to make you aware
That intelligent sources want us to take care
These sources suggest that three times more tonight
Lia will wake up and turn on the light

I have set a rotation it’s under control
Each of three volunteers will take turns on patrol
Take notice my friends but don’t mind our pal Duck
Who pretends to be reading a book in his truck

The second of shifts will be kept by Raccoon
Who prepared for this mission last year back in June
The third shift, the last will be taken by Sheep
And when he is through that’s when we can all sleep.”

Lion finished his speech he was stately and cool
With all of his subjects safe under his rule
Just then Lia rolled from her front to her back
And turned on the light when she thought she heard:  “Quack”

“Mom,” Lia called.  “Can I please have some water?”
Mom came in a minute and said to her daughter,
“I’ll take one of your tokens you now have two more.
Here is your water.”  Then her mom closed the door.

Lia drank a few sips and then lay on her side.
She flipped off the light, went to sleep – well she tried.
But she turned it back on though not part of her plan
Because she heard rummaging around in a can

“Dad,” Lia bellowed.  “Could you come in here please
And while you are here could you bring some string cheese?
Dad took one more token leaving only one more.
“Here’s the cheese you requested.”  Then her dad closed the door.

Lia nibbled on cheese and stared off at her wall
She turned off the light but did nothing at all
She lay there in silence and tried falling asleep
But when that seemed hopeless she tried counting sheep.

She counted to ten, then to fifteen, then twenty
By the time she hit fifty she thought this was plenty
But her sheep started baaing.  Lia turned on the light
“Mom, Dad” Lia hollered.  “Please kiss me good night.”

They took the last token and both shared a grin
Kissed Lia goodnight and then tucked her back in.
They winked at the duck, the raccoon and the sheep
Said thanks to the lion and they all went to sleep.