Sophie and Ben Say Hello
Good to Be Four

Version 1

“My name is Sophie.  That’s Ben over there.
We’ve come with a friend who has stories to share.
That’s Tim in the middle.  Go on and say hi.”
“You can do better Tim.  Don’t be so shy.”

Tim’s come here today to put on a show
And share with you stories of friends that he knows
So sit back, relax, and have a good time
And if you can guess, he tells them in rhyme.

Version 2

“Hi, my name is Ben, it’s great to meet you
That’s Sophie my twin.  She thinks the same too
The guy in the middle, we hope you like him.
We think he’s real nice, say hi to them Tim”


“Tim likes to meet friends and spend lots of time
Telling the stories he’s written in rhyme
He sure is real lucky to be here today
To perform and pretend, sing, laugh and play.”                 
intimidating to a young child than
the 6'3" man that is up on the stage
or standing right in front of the child.

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