Little Charlie's Summer Morning
Discovery in Rhyme
Parenting is such an amusing job when you
have the patience and can enjoy each
moment.  So many times my kids have
made me laugh.  Sometimes I bite my lip
and play the role of the serious parent.  But
most of the time we all can enjoy the humor
In the summer, Charlie’s hyper
Running round in just a diaper
When morning calls, outside he goes
To feel wet dew between his toes

Mom shouts out from the kitchen door
“What's going on?  What is this for?
Come back inside.  Put something on
Before parading down the lawn.

But Little Charlie reads her grin
He clearly won’t be coming in
He’s wide awake and what is more
There’s lots to do and to explore

With bare ankles and naked heels
He loves the way the wet grass feels
He slides across as if on skates
He turns around and there he waits

His Dad has put on socks and shoes
And Charlie thinks, “No time to lose”
Before he runs, just one more check
And sure enough Dad’s on the deck.

“Hey there Charlie. Come here.  Let’s play.”
But Charlie isn’t fooled today.
He’s heard before this little tact
His stripy shirt’s behind Dad’s back

And on the table are his shorts
So Charlie smiles and then retorts,
“Chase me Daddy, I am running.
That trick of yours isn’t cunning.”

Dad stands with Mom and they both smile
“It worked,” Dad said, “for quite a while.
I guess we’ve reached the next new phase
We’ll have to think of other ways.

With that Dad ran to catch his son
And so the morning had begun.
Little Charlie running hyper
Dressed in just his little diaper.