Ada Asks Why
Discovery in Rhyme
Ada Asks Why

I am a part time science teacher and former
math teacher.  It's not surprising that some
of my stories are influenced by this part of my
career.  Teachers are asked daily to explain
the world in terms that are age appropriate
and accessible to their students.  Now that I
am a parent I love learning and relearning
from the teachers of my children.  Teaching
is a terrific profession.
Ada Asks Why by Tim Seston

On the shoulders of her father
Ada looked out on the land
From her perch she viewed the mountains
And exclaimed, "Wow, life is grand"
At the base there was a river,
Ada watched the water flow
She followed it up to the source
Ada saw the ice and snow

So Ada started thinking
As the wheels turned round her brain
Her father squeezed her ankle
Told her that it soon would rain
Ada scampered down
Then she looked up in the sky
She had so many questions but
All she could ask was why

Her father held her little hand
They found the nearest tree
He chose a comfy sheltered spot
He sat her on his knee
As water then came pouring down
Ada’s father did explain
All that he knew of what it takes
For the sky to make its rain.

Did you know that all around us
There is water in the air,
Little droplets, oh so small
We can’t see that they are there.
They move about at random
Then the pressure gets to great
They clump to form the clouds above
And that's where they all wait.

As the clouds get even denser
And turn from white to grey
We see from down below here
That the rain is on its way.
And out here in the valley
We get rain drops warm and nice
But cold up in the mountains
Water turns to snow and ice

Ada turned to ask her father,
“Dad, how did you know
That my question’s second part was
How then do they make the snow?”
He chuckled with his daughter
Got up and took her hand
They skipped home through the water
thinking, "Wow, hey life is grand."