Digging a Hole
Discovery in Rhyme
Digging a Hole by Tim Seston

Maya was out with her brother digging and both having fun
With seeds soon to be planted to soak up the water and sun
Maya took charge of the project.  Parker was there for the ride
Their parents would be just a moment; but for now they both were inside

Maya took hold of the shovel, Parker picked up his toy spade
They found a great spot near the driveway that rarely was covered with shade
The soil was soft and quite squishy.  It had rained the previous night
Without any menacing weeds, roots or rocks all the conditions were right

The start of the hole was no problem.  The children were each taking turns
The piles of dirt growing bigger with really no cause for concern
But then something startling happened.  The children both heard a loud clank
The shovel had struck something solid and three seconds later it shrank.

This clearly surprised both the siblings.  They got down as close as one can
Then at the same time they reached in the hole and so their adventure began
For three seconds later both Maya and Parker had shrunk to the size of a seed
And there in their hole a whole world awaited.  It was certainly different indeed.

Parker was dazed and confused from this strangest of all consequences
Maya was too for a moment but quickly she came to her senses
She looked all around at the rolling terrain and the mountains high up in the sky
“Let’s go little brother.  We have to go there.”  But all Parker whispered was, “Why?”  

So Maya sat down and explained to her brother the reason they were where they were
“I think we discovered the Bone of Contention.”  But now Parker said “Are you sure?”
“Quite sure,” answered Maya.  “It was lost long ago.  I think millions and millions of years.
With powers preserved for ever and ever by the magic of dinosaur tears.”

Parker smiled at his sister, he got to his feet and prepared himself to be led
Out on a journey, with Maya in front, and lots of excitement ahead.
“Now Parker”, she said “If we’re to survive be brave but always stay near.
With me as your guide despite all the danger there is nothing yes nothing to fear.”

“Where are we?” asked Parker before they got far.  “I think that I just heard a roar.”
“Oh that,” Maya answered.  “Probably nothing.  Perhaps we should go and explore.”
They hiked and they climbed for the rest of the day that their legs began to get weak.
But just before dusk Maya and Parker had reached the top of the peak.

From their spot at the summit the children looked back at the most amazing of views
And what they both saw would have frightened most people scaring them out of their shoes.
For down in the valley where they had been walking was the fiercest of dinosaur packs
Six velicoraptors roaming the grounds searching for prey to attack.

Maya and Parker lay down very quickly trying to hide in the ground
And three seconds later Maya and Parker were back in their yard safe and sound
Just then the door opened and mom came outside and looked at her daughter and son
“What have you been doing?”  she smiled at her kids. “You look like you’re having such fun.”