Tower Escape
Discovery in Rhyme
Zach woke up one day confused where he was
He was high in the tallest of towers
How long had he been here he couldn't recall
Had anyone seen him for hours

The light from the window now made the room bright
The morning sun captured his eyes
At first glance around the room appeared empty
With cobwebs and lots of dead flies

The bed where he slept had posts made of plastic
As round as a giant oak tree
The quilt on the end had been woven with wool
As tight as a fine quilt could be

"Now what can I do" he thought to himself
The door to the castle was locked
And the staircase below that he'd climbed up last night
Was somehow mysteriously blocked

But Zach had some hope, he had read in a book
Of a man who could always escape
By building the craziest useful contraptions
With nothing but wire and tape

Now Zach had no wire, he didn't have tape
Could this be his most fatal flaw
If only somewhere in this tallest of towers
Could Zach find a knife or a saw

And then the light shifted, the sun rose up higher
As morning was heading toward noon
In the corner he saw the reflection of something
That shone like the blade of a spoon

There buried beneath a small pile of saw dust
Zach's wishes had really come true
The reflection he'd seen was that of a dagger
Its handle of a yellow and blue

Zach got to working.  It took him all day
But before he had lost all his light
He cut off the bed posts and split them in half
Then he lay down to rest for the night

The next day he woke and he took out his dagger
To cut up some strips from the quilt
And with nothing but plastic and fibers of wool
I'll share with you what Zach had built

Out of the window, zigging this way and that
He had made a five hundred foot slide
He climbed to the top and like a glass marble
Zach headed out on a ride