Four Princesses
Discovery in Rhyme

Four Princesses by Tim Seston

Come hear a story of a king who lived down by the bay
This king had four young daughters, who studied and were smart
They learned all about philosophy, science, math and art
All four of these fine princesses began to hone a skill
So after graduation each could follow her own will
The royal king watched all his daughters grow up way to fast
He worried for the youngest one who always would be last

But then when Faye, his eldest born, had finished up with school
The king said, “Go and take your pick of all the lands I rule.
To the north you’ll find great mountains, out east there is the sea
Down south lie apple orchards stocked with all the finest trees.”
But before her father finished, Faye picked what she thought best
For she found favor up the road in town just to the west
She entered a noble profession:  teaching seventh grade
Ahh, the king was pleased with Faye, and the choices that she made.

One year passed, until the time, for Gretchen to travel forth
His second daughter packed her things and headed to the north
She built a simple cabin on the steepest hill she found
And lived off all the foods that she could gather from the ground
When watching weather patterns, she saw pressures fall and rise
Here Gretchen found great happiness in studying the skies
She charted changes in the wind, formations of each cloud
Her knowledge of the atmosphere made father very proud

When it was sister Hannah’s turn, these words came from her mouth:
“I think that I will go and pick the apples in the south.”
She had a knack for finance and a way with people too
It wasn’t long before young Hannah’s apple business grew.
And the king again did smile.  For daughter number three
Had grown up from the baby, who had bounced upon his knee.
And so with three fine princesses successful in the world,
He turned to pay attention to the last of his four girls.

“There is just one direction that the others liked the least
I’m sorry dear young Isabel, your only choice is east.”
The princess looked up to the king and with a smile of glee
Said, “Thank you daddy.  Don’t you fret. I’ve always loved the sea.”
And Isabel then built a boat the finest in the land
With sails of silk so strong for any wind they would withstand.
The king, long after she had gone, sat on the shore and gazed
He tipped his crown in thanks to each fine princess he had raised.

A princess is a special girl, the daughter of a king    -    
Who has the opportunity to do most anything
And so will all you boys and girls, that is when you are grown
You’ll choose the best direction and make this world your own