Message For Josie
Discovery in Rhyme

Josie was ready to start having fun
A message for her said that she was the one
Written in marker and sent through the mail
It said, “Fill up your backpack and follow the trail”

In less than an instant she started to pack
Water to drink and some crackers to snack
Bright colored paper, three rulers, some glue
A flashlight, a rope and some rubber bands too

What else would she need?  Some crayons, a ball
The wand from her room - yes, that would be all
Josie was ready and not a bit scared
Whatever encountered she was prepared

Seven small footprints began at her door
Where would they lead her and what was in store?
Nothing was certain but she knew in her heart
This quest would be great she was eager to start

Cautiously thinking to keep up her guard
She followed the footprints across her front yard
At the edge of her yard, was a strangely shaped tent
Josie questioned herself, "Is this where it went?"

Now adventure had called deep down to her soul
Josie crouched low and crawled in through a hole
A place unfamiliar and one of a kind
"What is this inside?  It boggles my mind."

Josie took out her crayons and paper to draw
So she could remember these things that she saw
Rivers meandered in every direction
Catching the sunshine’s bright cheery reflection

Then she noticed some movement far off in the North
A few tiny witches were traveling forth
And under the water she followed the trails
Of mermaids and selkies all swooshing their tails

High up in a tree amusing themselves
Were a whole other kingdom of little green elves
Everything magical, everything fun
Everyone doing just what should be done

All of a sudden came a voice from behind
“Hello,” said the creature, "Would you be so kind"
Speaking to Josie, it fixed on her eyes
"We're having a party and need some supplies"

"Why yes,” Josie beamed.  “I brought lots of fun stuff
Whatever you need I have more than enough."
So Josie dumped out what she’d brought in her pack
Her bottle of water and the crackers to snack

The witches and mermaids, selkies and elves
Made quick introductions and then all helped themselves
These creatures were friendly and also quite handy
One picked up her wand and it conjured up candy

They played with her ball and they made arts and crafts
They tied up some wood with her rope into rafts
They poured in some glue to fill up the holes
And with rulers and rubber bands made fishing poles

Josie played and she played through out the whole day
And just before dark said, "I wish I could stay
She took out her wand and her little flashlight
Then said, “See you tomorrow” and bid them goodnight.