Time to Stretch
Discovery in Rhyme
capable of doing.  They also love
watching and playing with older kids who
can do what they are not yet able to do.  
We are fortunate to live in a community
where there is frequent backyard and
playground play with children of all ages
and all abilities.  Sometimes my boys are
learning how to do something new.  
Sometimes they are learning how to
teach others how to do something new.
Haley and Annah were like her own class
Watching her stretching right there on the grass

"Come give it a try, here's what you can do
Reach up to the sky and grab all that blue
Now we can pretend we're climbing a tree
First left and now right.  Great job.  Follow me

Then Haley spoke up.  "Can we swim like a fish"
And Jessica replied, "Whatever you wish."
So Annah chimed in lets leap like a frog
And jump up real high right over that log."

"Now March like a soldier and lift up your knees
Now pick up the pace - quadruple time please
That's four times as fast for those who don't know
Keep marching there's only a few steps to go

And stop, catch a breath then stand in one place
Breathe slowly once more, this isn't a race
Now let out some air, reach down to your toes
Try touching you knees with the tip of your nose

For those having trouble, I'll show you a trick
Try bending your legs then do it real quick
Great work.  Way to go.  Now sit on the ground
Hold your foot in your hand and spin it around

Haley and Annah you've done really well
You're ready for anything that I can tell
Let's start with a back flip:  Do you think I know how?
Well, maybe we'll end with just one simple bow"