Up in the Sky
Discovery in Rhyme
great fun for children.  I love asking kids in
the winter,  "If you were a snowflake, where
would you land?"

Way up in the sky where we cannot go
Live all the little snowflakes that I know
But one snowflake from the time she was small
Dreamed about the day she would get to fall  

Now this one snowflake had peculiar thoughts
Of flying through the air only to be caught
On top of a tip of a stuck out tongue
Of a little girl who was very young

Now the air got colder as the days went by
There was much excitement up in the sky
Crystal was resting on her cloudy bed
Those peculiar thoughts running round her head


Crystal was a snowflake living in the clouds
One winter morning she said out loud,
“Hey everyone it’s time for me to go
The weather report says that it will snow.”

So she said goodbye and she took to flight
Floated through the air because she was light
Then the wind picked up and spun her around
Crystal was dizzy when she saw the ground


Lucy was playing in the yard outside
Her hands in the air, her mouth open wide
She spotted a snowflake up in the sky
It was Crystal of course that had caught her eye

As Crystal spun around Lucy did too
Lucy got dizzy, nearly lost her shoe
Lucy planted her feet, then with a grin
Stuck out her tongue and sucked Crystal in.