Peace in the Night
Discovery in Rhyme
I do my best thinking in the
morning while I lay in bed.  
Sometimes an idea comes to
me from a dream but most of
the time inspiration comes
during the waking up transition
after a good night sleep.  I am a
morning person who hasn't
used an alarm clock in years.

Pax lay on his mattress.  It was quarter past one.
He awoke from a nightmare that wasn’t much fun
It was nothing too evil and no one was sick
But his mind was now racing from some sort of trick

In this dream, Pax sat still on the curb of a road
When he noticed behind him a little brown toad
It had hopped from a patch of some hot sticky tar
And now perched on the front of the nearest parked car

The toad looked down at Pax with an all knowing wink
Cleared his throat with a croak, “Do you know what I think?”
“I think you are too young to just sit here and wait
So get up make a move and control your own fate.

There is much to explore let your soul be your guide
You can run, jump or skip, just don’t sit here and hide."
The toad croaked one more time with a farewell to Pax
And hopped off of the car leaving two smudgy tracks.

So now Pax was confused in the dark of the night
Could the words of the toad in his dreams all be right?
Was there something inside him that needed a chance
To start moving his feet for a new sort of dance

Pax lay there a moment thinking, “What should you do?
Should you get up this minute and try something new?
That makes no sense at all.  It is quiet and dark.
That strange toad in your dreams has gone far off the mark.

Do you want to make tracks that are covered in tar?
Sometimes waiting is good.  Pax - stay right where you are
You are happy, content and your soul wanders deep.”
Pax then closed both his eyes and he fell back asleep.