Madeline's Surprise
Discovery in Rhyme
From an early age I observed the creativity of
young children and the excitement they have
in pretend play.  It was also wonderful to be
the recipient of a running hug when I came
home from school.

I still get excited every time I see one of my
In her hammock Madeleine lay,
The sky was colored shades of grey
Too cold to play down on her dock
She closed her eyes and gently rocked

A plastic bowl between her knees
That once was full of mac and cheese
Now slowly fell without a sound
And landed softly on the ground

Then it happened, the thunder cracked
“Rise at once. We’re being attacked!
Moxie, Lucky we must prepare
For no one knows what is out there.

I’ll grab my cape and up I’ll fly
To thwart all danger from the sky.
And Moxie, you will search below.
Bark three times if you find a foe.”

Up Moxie sprang and wagged her tail
Then off she ran to find the trail
And follow Madeleine’s command
By searching all surrounding land

“Lucky, your job, for goodness sake,
Is to protect our precious lake
And if you run into a scare
Then flip your fins high in the air

And Lucky replied, “As your wish.
I am your faithful servant fish.
The water will be safe with me.”
And off it swam quite happily

Madeleine jumped and up she flew
To scout the skies and lead her crew
She soared above from West to East
But nowhere could she find the beast

Down in the water Lucky flipped.
A kayak that was well equipped
Came from the South at six o’clock
And landed safely at the dock.

And Moxie barked three times and then
She ran around and barked again.
Madeleine turned so she could see.
Moxie, Lucky, who can it be?

She threw her cape from off her back
And ran to challenge the attack
Then with the sound of much alarm
She jumped into her sister’s arms.

Noelle had come from far away
To brighten up her sister’s day.
And so I’ll tell you something true
The sky soon turned from grey to blue.